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The ancients received their essences of knowledge from their surroundings. This proved nature and man as one. The wisdom gained from 5,000 years' learning and practicing is profound and vast. Know and treat your body, mind and spirit like they are! In Robin's Clinic, Dr. Wu concentrates on original Traditional Chinese Medicine practices listed below:

Pulse Diagnosis (Sphygmology)

Derived from the ancient Chinese theory of "cold" and "hot", sphygmology searches the vein for the causes and conditions for your body activities. The practitioner will then "look", "hear" and "ask" the patient to specify the result. This way we will be able to understand the qualities of your discomfort, and treat it with Chinese medicines accordingly.

Generally, Chinese daignosis practices are not as accurate and precise as modern microscopic inspections. Though, sphygmology is by far incomparible for any digital examinations. Modern clinics specify more on the illness and not the cause, and the whole treatment route remains incomplete. To completely treat the illness, pulse daignosis stays an essential part of Chinese therapies.


Our institute practice acupuncture to the classics. The practitioner searches for static points along the "paths" of your body to insert moxibustion needles. This adjusts the energy fields for your body. Practitioners who are familiar with "paths" can perform acupuncture to enforce the abilities of the patient's body functions, hence chasing illness away. The use of acupuncture is widely ranged. If cooperated with clinical Qi-Gong, the result will be most visible.

The moxibustion needles, before inserted into the body, are heated with moxa leaves which are warm by nature. The therapy revives blood and cures illness. It is mostly used to relief "cold" discomforts such as menstrational pain, stomach ache, gastroptosis...etc.

Medical Qi-Gong

Medical Qi-Gong empowers the body and absorbs the aura of the environment to push the ill aura out of the patient's body (also referred to as "heal self, heal hnother"). If cooperated with acupuncture, medical Qi-Gong can be exceptionally effective. When practicing excellent Qi-Gong, the practitioner can resolve into a very high and spiritual level of self-training. The most curious and mysterious part of Qi-Gong lies here.

Scrape Therapy

The scraping therapy uses specific tools to scrape along the skin surface of the patient. This revives the blood and straighten the energy paths in the body, hence cures illness. There are two kinds of scraping therapy:

Path Scraping.The practitioner needs to be familiar with "paths" in the human body and how to use them accordingly. This is a professional technique and can be used to treat many serious or special illness, such as: diabetes, menstrational pain, adhesive capsulitis of shoulder joints, sciatica, high blood pressure...etc.

Surface Scraping.The practitioner scraps along the direct point of discomfort. With enough incitement, the muscles will be able to relax towards relief.

Non-heat conductive and safe tools are recommended for scrape therapy, usually scraping boards made from bull horns. In case of emergency, spoons can also be used, though they may break easily. Scraping also needs basic examination, and can never be used on open wounds. After therapy, the patient will feel relaxed, heated and thirsty. The patient should then drink much water and take rest to renew the body.

Cupping Therapy

The idea of cupping is similiar to scraping, but the tools are different. Cupping uses special cups to suck onto the patient's path points, in order to incite the nerve and flesh. This wakes the body towards self-healing. In comparison, scraping has a larger surface area and affects the body shallowly. The points of cupping are static and deep. Also, if desired, cupping can sometimes include large surface area sliding. If cooperated with scraping, the result will be more visible.


Tui-na (Chinese massage) incites the body accordingly, making the body vibrate. This relaxes the muscles and adjusts the electric pathways, hence heals the body. Some of the treatments include the build-up of gas in children, weak-bodied elders, women and children. Fine practitioners in tui-na can perform great healing results. In China, tui-na has advanced into a professional study.


Tai-Chi is one of the most ancient Chinese healing therapies (along with Ba-Gua and Xing-Yi, called the "In-House Arts"). Its purpose is to perfect the mind, the aura, and relax the body. The space of growth in Tai-Chi is infinite, therefore Tai-Chi is fit for long-term practice, unlike other "Off-House" arts that can limit the practitioner by age and stamina. Through practicing Tai-Chi, the body gains much positive effects.

Currently, advanced countries have also proven Tai-Chi's positive effects on defection and imbalance.

"Light Body" Potential Empowerment

"Light Body" empowerment is the essence derived from of years of training and practicing. The balanced growth of body, mind and soul is the main idea towards this therapy. Through the incitement of your central powers, the therapy guides you to reach the depths of the soul, allowing the mind to stretch infinitely. This lifts your spirituality to the untimate, and will affect your daily life, bringing you furthur towards the true meaning of love and forgiveness. This empowerment therapy has currently become an important method for modern people towards a spiritual life.

The lessons for this therapy divides the human body into four major topics and ten central power enforcements. This is different from the past five or seven central power enforcements.