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Lessons & Programs

Pulse Diagnosis & Acupuncture

Lessons include learning about the Pulse Daignosis, "paths" of the human body, scraping therapy, cupping therapy and moxibustion. Also, the student will meet and practice their new skills with patients in the clinic. The whole program consists approximately of 28 weeks.

Bone-Setting & Tui-Na

Lessons consist of 12 weeks.

Medical Qi-Gong

Divided into intoductory and advanced levels, lessons consist of 6 weeks.

"Light Body" Potential Empowerment

Divided into two classes, Light Body 1 (24 weeks) and Light Body 2 (20 weeks).


Lessons include Zueng-Zu Tai-Chi (20 weeks), Yang Style Tai-Chi , Tai-Yi Wu-Xing (12 weeks), Wen Tai-Chi and Ultimate Stretching (12 weeks).

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