Ancient Yang Style Tai Chi Program with Dr. Robin Wu

  • 22-form ancient Yang style Tai-Chi
  • advanced pushing hands skills
  • developing and using shen(spirit), yi(mind) and qi

Location: Shambhala School gym

(5450 Russell St, Gottigen and Russell)

Time: Thursday evening, 6:40~8:40

Beginning September 18, 2008

Cost: $960 for 24-week session

We request that you pre-register for the class.

Call (902) 404-4030.

This class is open to people who have completed the 37-form Cheng-Tzu Tai-Chi class and have regular practice of the basic relaxation and qi-gong training.

Dr. Wu is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tai-Chi, Qi-Gong, and deep meditation. See here (pg. 6-9) for further information about Dr. Wu.