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As Technology and civilization continue to develop and evolve, more advanced Hospitals also grow and multiply endlessly. Despite the fact that humans are living longer, the number of patients requiring health care has unfortunately also grown exponentially. It is obvious to us, that in these modern times people's bodily functions are getting by day. Our modern society has not kept pace and is not becoming healthier under advanced medical technologies. Living longer is not an indicator or reflection of good health. Good health is about an active, enjoyable life to the end of one's life.

The pace of our modern society swiftly brings many stresses to us and is lowering our immunity, creating slow-paced illness amongst a great portion of us. A lot of people are bothered by unexplained illnesses and discomfort, and unfortunately we are accepting debilitating illnesses as a normal consequence of aging. Our Modern medication system has not done anything about this. Towards this, we should learn from the ancients about their wisdom. Actually, therapies like aroma, calming, massage, SPA...etc., are strongly connected to ancient healing techniques.

According to Traditional Chinese Doctors, a normal body would ideally be in a "neutralized" condition. This means the inside, outside, Yin and Yang of the body should be able to balance each other naturally in different environments and activities. They should change in order and balance to fit their new conditions. If ever a body is imbalanced, it will develop certain illness. Illness is to be viewed as a symptom, not to be conquered however listened to and worked with, not against. Low immunity and charge, is what the ancients called "lack of positive qi". When treating with therapy, the positive qi will be refilled according to personal energy, lifting immunity and re-balancing the body. In this way, many chronic modern illnesses could be relieved. If one could adapt a healthy lifestyle and raise the living qualities, a great number of hospital visits would be unnecessary and our society would be much healthier.

Our contribution to humanity is helping and teaching people how to take care of themselves in such a way that allows one to have great health into their senior years.